Mini Merlan Infinate Starlight

6th and final foal for 2013 arrived 20th May and what a stunner to end with. Gorgeous Finney - a pale chestnut colt is fine, leggy and a perfect horse in miniature. His mum Barley, our lovely American, palomino mare has done us proud with her first foal - well done Barley.
His sire is Shadel's Cowboy Too - part bred American, chocolate dapple stallion.
Finney has the most delectable, tiny, cute head and a look at me attitude to break your heart. This little guy would definitely excel in the show ring or make a brilliant stallion in the future. He is already confident and sociable with an ultra cute factor. Finney will be registered IMHPS - part bred American.

Mini Merlan Midnight Belle

Bella came into the world on 17th May 2013 - a lovely black filly from our homebred mare Rose. Her sire is Shadel's Cowboy Too, a part bred American, chocolate dapple stallion and she has inherited his leggy, horsey shape. Bella is a little delight, slightly shy to start with but now gaining in confidence and curiosity. She will be registered IMHPS - part bred American and will be for sale.

Mini Merlan Casper

Our 4th foal eventually arrived 2nd may 2013, after his mum kept us waiting well over her due date...! A strong, striking, palomino colt with lovely dished head and good confirmation. Casper is a pale palomino with gorgeous blue eyes and his sire is Silver Grace Wizard - a 30" American bred, cremello stallion. He is already boldy venturing for scratches and cuddles and is always the one found wandering from his mum to play with his comrades. Casper will be registered IMHPS and will be for sale with his mum Mini Merlan Mayflower.

Mini Merlan Magical Maple

2nd May and our 3rd foal of 2013 makes her debut into the world. A stunning, leggy, palomino filly from our dependable Velvet, who has given us consistently classy foals. This little girl is a bit special with her tiny head, tea cup muzzle and is perfectly proportioned. Her sire is Silver Grace Wizard - a 30" American Bred cremello stallion. Maple is a real little lady, very friendly but gentle and slightly reserved. She will be registered IMHPS - part bred American.


Mini Merlan Bilbo

26 April 2013 and our first foal arrives safely at 2.00am. A gorgeous tiny bay pinto colt....a long awaited foal for our American mare Silver Cloud. This little bundle of joy was soon up and giving his mum the run around. Silver Cloud, incredibly laid back with her new addition allowing us to bond with him right from the start. Bilbo, as he quickly got named, is incredibly friendly, loves a scratch or to climb on your knee....! His dad is our own homebred stallion Sandy. Biblo has the ultimate cute factor with his tiny dished head and big eyes. He is likely to stay small, will be registered IMHPS - part bred American and will reluctantly be for sale.

Mini Merlan Golden Honey

23rd April 2012 saw our first foal into the world this year. Velvet had kept us in suspense all day as I just knew she was ready to foal - she, of course, waited until we had gone to bed! Her 3rd foal was again a gorgeous palomino but this time a filly....... a real cutie who I suspect will be staying with us...!
Her dad is Sandy - our lovely little homebred stallion, who has consistently sired some tiny foals for us.

We decided to keep our gorgeous Honey and she is now a stunning yearling, still petite and cute.

Mini Merlan Silver Mist

Our last foal of 2012 couldn't have been born on a worse night! A dark cold stormy night with lashings of rain. Misty was hastily ushered into a warm shed with her mum, our dependable Bridgitte. First concern - are they both ok?....Yes     Is it a filly?.....Yes    and she's silver........this little girl will be going nowhere! So much hands the first few days - Misty was soon my best friend and to date follows me everywhere. Her dad is Shadel's Cowboy Too so she may be silver or chocolate like him. Only the future will tell.  

Misty is now an amazing silver yearling and is definitely staying with us for future breeding. What a stunning girl!  


Mini Merlan Red Robin

April 21st 2010, our tea was interupted by the timely arrival of this tiny, amazing colt. He was bounding around in a matter of minutes and knew instantly where his tea came from! Robin is our tiniest foal to date, measuring only 18" at birth but with a huge zest for life. This little guy was born sociable, loves scatches, cuddles or even to sit on your knee!
Again, his dam
Birchwood UK Red Velvet and his sire Mini Merlan Golden Sand have done us proud to produce this little man. He really has the ultra cute factor, with his big eyes, super little dished head and extremely cheeky character. His breeding is 50% American and he is registered IMHPS - part bred American. Robin is almost certain to say under 30" and reluctantly he is for sale.

Robin is now a gelding. He has stayed tiny, measuring approx 27", is halter broken and still very cute.


Mini Merlan Duke of Snowdon

Duke made it two in one day by also arriving on 2nd May 2011. Late into the night, this little guy made his entrance, making it a very long, tiring but wonderful day. The minute he got up on those long fine legs we could see Duke was going to be elegant and dainty. His tiny head giving him the look of a miniature thoroughbred. He soon proved to have the speed of one too! He can certainly cover the ground. His dam Mini Merlan Adelaide consistantly produces excellent foals who have all inherited her small head. His sire is Shadel's Cowboy Too, a part bred American, silver/chocolate dapple stallion, so at this stage it is difficult to tell if Duke will be black or silver like his sire. Duke is sometimes a little shy but his curiousity always gets the better of him and he inevitably enjoys a good scratch. He is registered IMHPS - part bred American.

 Duke is now a gorgeous yearling, measuring approx 32" & has been gelded. He is halter broken and very friendly. Duke is for sale.




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