Gaterley Bridgitte


Gaterley Bridgitte

Bridgitte is our original foundation mare, 30" & BMHS registered. Her sire is Spot on Jimmy, a Leopard spot stallion & her dam is Gaterley Sooty. To date she has produced eight gorgeous foals for us, including four fillies who we have kept for breeding. Bridgitte is definitely the matriarch of the herd but with the softest and gentlest of natures.

Bridgitte has now retired after giving us many gorgeous foals and lots of pleasure. Thank you Bridgitte for enriching our lives - enjoy your life of leisure.



Birchwood UK Silver Cloud


Birchwood UK Silver Cloud

We introduced Silver Cloud into our herd to bring some American breeding into our programme. She is a 31" silver dapple pinto registered AMHA and IMHPS. Her sire is Rabbit Runs Illusion De Azul and her dam is Birchwood UK Small Print. Silver Cloud's foals all have fantastic movement and have inherited her small arab head. She has a lovely kind, quiet temperament and can be partnered with anyone. 


Mini Merlan Adelaide


Mini Merlan Adelaide

Adelaide was the first miniature to be born on our farm. She is 30.5" and registered IMHPS. Her sire is Cherrywood Niblet, a 'few spot' stallion and her Dam is Gaterley Bridgitte. Adelaide has a lovely small head and good conformation. The first foal she produced for us was a tiny palomino colt, what a stunner! Mini Merlan Golden Sand has stayed tiny and correct with his little dished head. She surpassed herself with this little guy.
Adelaide has since produced 2 colts and 2 fillies. One of the fillies, Cadi Wen, now belongs to my daughter and will join the breeding herd.
Adelaide continues to do us proud with another filly this year 2013




Mini Merlan Tullah

Tullah is a 33" mare. Her black based coat is covered with spotted characteristics and more spots are emerging each year. Registered IMHPS her sire is Cherrywood Niblet, a 'few spot' stallion, and her dam is Gaterley Bridgitte. Foaling for the first time, in 2007, Tullah produced the most delightfull pinto filly foal Mini Merlan Mayflower. 2008 saw her produce a gorgeous black and white colt and in 2009 has surpassed herself with a very showy, fine, chestnut and white colt. Tullah, is certainly proving to be a great brood mare and an asset to the stud.
Tullah has since produced 3 more colts - all gorgeous pintos who have gone to new homes.



Birchwood UK Barley Sugar

We were lucky enough to purchase this gorgeous mare to introduce more American bloodlines into our breeding programme. Barley is one of our tallest mares but has those lovely long, fine legs and a very pretty head. She is registered AMHA and IMHPS and her sire is the multi champion Seahorse Gold Melody Grand Buckeroo. Barley has a wonderful friendly nature and will follow you anywhere. We have high hopes for her offspring in the future.





Birchwood UK Red Velvet

We purchased this stunning little mare as a foal. Her fine, petite frame and gorgeous little dished head giving her that wonderful quality. Although still young, the signs are she will stay small like her sire, the multi champion Seahorse Gold Melody Grand Buckeroo. She is registered AMHA and IMHPS. Velvet has a character full of fun but so friendly and easy to handle. To date Velvet has produced two palomino and one chestnut foal for us - all stunning.





Mini Merlan Mayflower

Mai, as we call her, was our first home bred filly foal by Aesthete Prince of Thieves, our coloured herd stallion. Out of Mini Merlan Tullah she has lovely chestnut and white markings and a real 'horsey' shape. Registered IMHPS. Mai definately could not be considered shy, always first to the gate looking for any treat you may be hiding. Friendly and easy to handle in every way. Mai had her first foal in 2011, a gorgeous silver colt by our chocolate stallion, Cowboy.





Mini Merlan Princess Rose

Our second coloured filly from Aesthete Prince of Thieves, and out of Gaterley Bridgitte, Rose is blooming all the time. Registered IMHPS, with a petite frame and small head she is bringing some nice characteristics into our herd. A little shy as a youngster she is now a confident, very good natured lady who produced her first foal in 2011. Minky, a black and white minimal pinto, has gone on to be shown very successfully by his new owner.





 Birchwood UK Penny Black

We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to acquire another gorgeous Birchwood UK filly to join our American breeding mares. This little girl is certainly something special - tiny, refined and dainty but with plenty of showy and elegant movement. A wonderful kind character only adds to her charm and all that see her immediately fall in love.

Gem, as she is known, has many grand world champions in her pedigree going back to Boones Little Buckeroo and Orion Light Van Huttenest. Her sire: Seahorse Orion's Priceless, dam: Birchwood UK Bay Bee Buckeroo and grand sire: Seahorse Gold Melody Grand Buckeroo all show champions in their own right.

Many thanks to Mandy, without whom we would not have our little "Gem"


Mini Merlan Cadi Wen

Owned by my daughter Gwenan, Cadi has now joined our herd of brood mares.
Her dam is Mini Merlan Adelaide and her sire is Aesthete Prince of Thieves.
Cadi has very eye catching pinto markings on her black and white coat. She is very leggy with a lovely head and conformation so we have high hopes for her future offspring.




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