Aesthete Prince of Thieves

Prince is our 31" Tobiano herd stallion with very attractive chestnut and white markings. He is BMHS registered and has tested homozygous positive for the tobiano gene. His sire is the well known, show winning, Aesthete Prince Charming.

Prince has a very friendly disposition and is gentle and tolerant with the mares and foals. He also has a "look at me" attitude and wonderfull movement, so we hope to train him to pull a cart in the not too distant future.

Prince has produced many wonderful foals for us, including 2 nicely marked fillies, which we have kept to join our breeding mares.

We are delighted with Prince's offspring to date.














Shadel's Cowboy Too

Cowboy is our junior herd stallion, registered IMHPS with American breeding. His sire is Rio Bella Farms I'm A Cowboy (known as Minkie) a 29" American Silver Dapple. His Grandsire is the famous Dells Cowboy in America. Cowboy won several rossettes as a foal including Best in Show Foal at the Weyhill Show 2005.

Cowboy has gorgeous chocolate dapple colouring with the striking silver main and tail. He also has the biggest character of all our horses. Adoring company he is always the first at the gate, is afraid of nothing and loves any attention. 32" of pure lovable energy.

With cowboys fine american breeding and gorgeous colouring we are excitedly looking forward to the foals he will produce for us in the future.

Cowboy's first foals started arriving in 2009. Inheriting his dad's silver gene Twilight with his gorgeous silver dapple colouring has now gone to France to be a herd stallion.


Cowboy: Or Is This My Best Side?Cowboy









Mini Merlan Golden Sand


Sandy is our tiny homebred palomino stallion. Standing at only 28.5'' with the most beautiful dished head, we have high hopes for his future offspring. His sire is Dalmation of Kilverstone, a 28'' leopard spot falabella and his dam is Mini Merlan Adelaide , a 30'' black mare. He is registered IMHPS and with the Falabella Blend Registry. This little guy is friendly and easy to handle, he may be small in stature but is big in personality. 

Sandy's first foal arrived in 2010 and what a stunner. A tiny, fine palomino colt - Merlin was sold at a couple of weeks old and hopefully will be shown by his new owner in the future. We eagerly wait for more foals from Sandy.









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